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Newborn Baby Bath Care

4.6 ( 4656 ratings )
Resor Spel Familj Frågesport
Utvecklare: Huanling Wang

This is a really lovely baby. She is very naughty and today her mother wants to have a bathing for her. Are you willing to help her be her assistant to take care of the little baby washing? Come to inject water in the bathtub firstly and then put some bath foam to make lots of hubble-bubble. The baby will be very happy when she sees the bubbles. Put some shampoo on her head and wash her hair softly. Don’t forget to take some baby toys in the bathtub to let the baby feel glad. Choose the baby loved soap to wash her body and make her clean. After washing, you need to play with her. Be patient and careful to select her required toys one by one. Let the car move and play some music for the baby. When she is hungry, you can feed her with milk. At last you need to dress up the baby with beautiful clothes and accessories. Have a good time with the baby.
1. Help Mom to have a bath for the baby
2. Take care of the baby patiently
3. Dress up for the baby
How to play:
1. Inject water in the bathtub
2. Put some bath foam in the water
3. Wash hair for the baby
4. Clean the baby’s body
5. Play with the baby by choosing her required toys
6. Play some music for the baby
7. Feed her with baby milk
8. Dress up her beautifully